January 23, 2014

The Cinematography of Haywire (2011)

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I'm not sure if I will be contributing anymore pieces to the Steven Soderbergh Blogathon but, at the very least, I had to do a Cinematography Of … posting for Haywire, which had some beautiful images. Great cinematography can be frantic and kinetic … but I like to also pause a film and see if it can stand alone as an image with a story in itself.

Haywire might have a more rudimentary plot but the scope of its images is immense. I love how Soderbergh focuses on nearby objects (like posters on a wall or the details of a trash can) but allows the details to stretch out into the background. The nearby objects are just as close as the buildings, landscapes or vehicles 500 feet away. There is a kind of hallway vision going on here … you can see everything up close in great detail while still seeing clearly that which is 'just down the hall', if you will.

I dunno. The above might sound like a bunch of over thinking bullshit. It is hard to put into words. Just enjoy the pretty pictures.

I got the below screen caps from the epically dense collection of Shadow of Reflection. Much appreciated Lady Manson. If you have any problem with me using your caps, please let me know.


Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cinematographer: Peter Andrews (a.k.a. Steven Soderbergh)

*click on the images for a larger view

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