May 16, 2013

Star Trek Week @ My Buddy's Blog

In the world of blogging, only one person gets close to the staggering genius that is ... well ... me. His name is John Kenneth Muir and his website, John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV, is probably the second greatest blog ever made (next to mine, obviously).

But his blog is getting ever so close to perfection (you guessed it, moi) by having one of his greatest weeks of blogful output yet: Star Trek week. No, it isn't the one with the sexy super models as captains or the big planet sized drill scene with cliff jumping (extreme bro!) or the one with black holes, like, totally colliding and tattooed pirated Romulans and like ... philosophy sucks brah! ... no, it is a week dedicated to the REAL Trek ... the one with ideology, morality, philosophy and ... okay, that one time they did have a decontamination chamber with a Vulcan who had fake boobs ... but still, it's the REAL Trek.

He's got post dedicated to toys, games, episodes, movies, legacies ... all of it. I don't know how he finds time for all of it in his endless (jealous) pursuit of trying to be me!

So go check out Star Trek week ... now*.

*or I'll have Uhura fan dance at you.


  1. Will,

    Thank you for writing about Star Trek week on the blog. Now, you must prepare yourself for my quasi-positive review of Insurrection later today... :)

    best wishes,

  2. Fine shout-out to the man, Will.


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