July 15, 2012

The New Paxton Configuration

I know, I know.

I said there would be a new website in March. Ha. If only I was so lucky.

But I had a few ideas and it happened to be that a number of websites I frequent either had the ideas I had already or had something very similar.

Yes, the idea of film reviews and 'lists' is not new nor exclusively owned by anyone so, when you see that I'll be making this website exclusively that from now on, you'll be wondering 'what were the other ideas'.

No matter. I've shifted most of my writing to books now so, unlike some of my compatriots who can handle both so well (i.e. JKM, Michael Allatore, etc), I've decided to be a bit more. . .recreational. . .and just focus on films I like or happen to watch that inspire conversation.

The only thing I plan to do is be consistent but sticking to a certain concept has made me not want to do a blog. Now, I can just post freely.

I have left the movie reviews up from the past but have deleted everything else. Time to start fresh. So, in a little bit, I'll have my first new movie review up. My goal will be to have something printed, at the very least, every Sunday.

In the meantime, I am working on a book about Kenneth Branagh that takes up a lot of my movie watching/reading time and I've also just accepted a little gig at Sci-Fi Saturday Night, who I will have linked up.

I've also updated the links page and am working on a style refit. Speak with you soon.


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